Ex Oriente Lux, Per Traditionem Future

Hiring Notes

How It’s like Working with Us

Being an informal team, we operate as a small union rather then a corporate business. For now at least.

In other words, if you need minor pieces of work, chances are you’ll be working with us individually, or if you need a wholesome project, as a team.

In most cases (all except maintenence), you’ll be talking and coordinating with the head of team, to keep communication narrow and efficient.

Rates & Related

Each project we work on is quoted uniquely.

Charges are typically fixed-price, or per time-block (hourly, weekly or monthly) for longer commitments.

Fixed-price projects are paid in two 50% milestones, one in advance and one on delivery, or if that brings up some anxiety, same using an Escrow service.

Note that at this time we accept only Payoneer and Upwork as vendors. (for Escrow, Upwork has it built in by default)


Consults of up to 15 minutes are free. Input your query below & have our flaming response within a day.

Head of our team will respond personally.