Ex Oriente Lux, Per Traditionem Future


One Mind, Many Bodies

We are a modular group of freelancers who, depending on needs at hand, unite to produce more potent outputs then we'd be able to individually.

A few of us are permanent members, while others come in to lend their unique skills or ease the workload, as conditions demand and allow.

This modularity, however, need not worry you, as we're simple to work with, typically through one node of communication and taking lead of the project on our own, autonomously.

The Brand

How We Do Our Thang

Putting aside the fact we're obviously quite creative & cool, there's actually some prudence behind our brand as well:

In other words, the merger of "UX & Persuasion" isn't there just for hype'n bling—it's how we see all Commerce in the world. With 'e', and without.

In reality, no business runs for too long without satisfying both itself and the customer. ('revenue' + 'customer success')

So for your experience to be persuasive, for them to want to enter your offer/system and stay in for a long time, you have to meet their needs as good as humanely as possible. You have figure them out and be "user centric". (ehem, UX)

This applies to your presentation, the design of your product and/or service, your support – it all has to work.

But focusing on them alone is persuasive.

Because we, flawed humans, are most easily persuaded by things in our interest, especially if it shows both in appearance and operation – the way we do it here.

Like the clarity? You're welcome. That's actually the only real sustainable business model in the world, and argumented, like this, is how we do all our work.


The Headmaster

Mr W. is the founder and leader of team UXP, the person behind this brand, it's progression and operation. (it's a long-term thing)

His real name is “Nenad”, but you’re free to skip trying to pronounce it – instead, pick a villanous alias for yourself and use it in your interactions with him. He greets it.

No harm gamifying a bit, and besides – being a supervillain is fun.

As a non-human dude and designer, W is mostly self-taught, with some formal training, strongly passionate about:

  • Evolutionary Psychology, Neurology and Behavioral Studies
    (most anything human nature, actually)
  • Experience (XD) Design – User, Customer & Brand types (or UX/CX/BX fo' short)
  • And of course – the Persuasion Arts.

He likes hyphens, deep thinking, eastern philosophy and religion, electronic music, computers... Not a coffee aficionado, but lovin' it keto.

If you entrust UXP, he's the first person you'll meet, and his brain your prime tool in figuring it all out & into tight output – while saving you the troubles of coordinating a team.

Venture his attention here.

This site is owned and operated by Nenad Stojanovic, contact at ux@persuasion.design.